Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Inspiration needed... please!

I write once a month for I.N.K., a group blog for children’s nonfiction authors. We have hundreds of subscribers and just had our one year anniversary, so it’s about time we developed a logo and/or banner to gussy up the blog. My Studio blog readers are a very visual bunch, so I hoping some of you will visit the post on I.N.K. and leave a Comment to help us figure out what to do.

The image below is a colored-in version of one of the ideas. It’s not final art, but it’s a reasonable facsimile. I don’t pretend to be a logo designer, so don’t be afraid to make suggestions to improve this or one of the images on the I.N.K. site.

Thanks for any input! (Now that I’m looking at it, maybe the ink bottle should be filled in with black... what say you?)

Thursday update: how about this one?


free indeed said...

Personally, I wouldn't fill it with black....that would draw all the attention..this big black thing on the page. I think you designed a very apt's great! Maybe the INK could be all black...I'm thinking all colors mixed together (as in the topics) make black, but individually, out of the bottle they are distinct colors/topics....Just a thought, but your design is great as is.

Nellie's Needles said...

I, too, think this is a good logo that gets the message across in a glance. I agree that the splotch may look best as just black. The splotchy ink distracts my eye from reading the colored words.

Boopie said...

I think the spot is too busy it takes away from all the lettering . Black may be a little drastic I think maybe a med green !

PaMdora said...

Hi Loreen, I too thought the ink bottle a bit busy. Wondering if you could fill the ink blob with a radial rainbow fill that would draw the eye out to each of the descriptive words.

I kind of like the bottom one better, seems a little softer and more playful, and maybe you don't need all those descriptive words. I also like the font better for the subtitle. I like the colored raindrops (ink) but guess I have a hang up with rainbows. Was wondering if they could become a rainbow splashing down with one of the brighest colors landing on kids.

But you know, I'm really bad a logos. people are always asking me to do them, but mine get too complicated!

Loreen Leedy said...

I have to agree that the dotty ink is too busy... thanks for the various thoughts, everyone. It’s amazing how many possibilities there are.

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Simplify! Log's don't need or benefit from a lot of detail.
Ink bottle -necessary
The rest- maybe not necessary