Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Inspiration: Majolica

My husband and I were in Switzerland a few years ago. While he was busy with a conference, I took the train around Berne and the surrounding areas to poke around. I don’t remember where this little museum was, but it had an incredible collection of majolica ware. At least I think that’s the correct term... am doubting my recall at this point.
What especially appealed to me was the recreation of a little workshop that showed the tools and design sketches. I love seeing behind-the-scenes of how things are created. Here’s a pastoral mountain scene.This snail sketch was lovely, too.
The photo below shows an entire platter. (Close up of rim is the top photo above.)
If anyone knows more about this technique of making such gorgeous designs, please post info and/or a link in the comments. I seem to remember that this collection was inside a sort of castle way on top of a hill, but which town, who knows? There may be notes on our trip around here somewhere...


Crispy said...

Wow Loreen, I saw the picture of the dishware and it immediately popped into my head....what a beautiful quilt it would make. "Dishware" not exactly the right term for this wonderful piece of art.

I enjoyed touring your blog. I don't do art quilts but love looking at other people's work.


Loreen Leedy said...

I agree, these designs would be gorgeous on quilts. Maybe someday...!