Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Collage Mania 2009: The Last Year!

Collage Mania is an online fund raiser for the American Cancer Society that will take place on May 5–7, 2009. Last year, $13,000 was raised in two days, and founder/organizer Virginia Spiegel has set a goal of $20,000 for this final year of Collage Mania. Since she has already raised over $165,000 through a variety of fiber-related fund raisers, I’m hopeful that this goal will be met. There is still time for artists to donate 8" X 10" collages (made of fabric and/or paper). The deadline to send jpegs is April 1, so please check out the call for artists.

Perhaps there’s a section of a quilt that didn't work out that could be “recycled” into an entry for this cause. Or some drawings, handmade paper, and other fibrous scraps you could improvise into a donation. Perhaps a sample or experiment can be made into an entry, as long as they are finished artwork, of course.

Below is a detail of one of my donations, Remembering. To make the rose and leaves, I painted some sheer turquoise fabric with acrylic paint. You can see a fringe of turquoise around the edges. The stem and other linear elements are various yarns, ribbons, and embroidery threads that were first machine-stitched with monofilament thread, then couched down.
The binding is one piece of the sheer fabric with a rectangular hole cut out of the middle, then folded around the back and FMQ down.
This shows the entire image.I hope you can enter a collage or bid on one in May. Thanks for stopping by!


Diane J. Evans said...

What a fantastic idea for a fundraiser, Loreen! May I post this information on my blog (http://designedbydianeevans.blogspot.com)? I think it's a great cause -- thanks for getting the information out!


Loreen Leedy said...

By all means, feel free to repost, or whatever it’s called!