Saturday, March 27, 2010

The rest of the flock

The third sheep has been completed... since I forget to show it previously, above is the sketch for this project. Pretty impressive, no? It’s not much more than a scribble done in Photoshop, but all I wanted was the size and basic placement of the critters. Sometimes I do a very precise pencil sketch on tracing paper and line up the fabric pieces exactly, but for this project a looser approach seemed possible and more fun.

Here’s how #3 turned out...she’s looking up at something up in the sky. I wasn’t necessarily going to hand stitch all the quilting, but it just seems to have the right whimsical feel.
As you can see below, I ended up ripping out the quilting shown in this previous post on the darker green fabric. Now there are yellow beads scattered around. Dandelions, probably. (Non-Floridians may not know this, but dandelions don’t grow down here.) I’m tempted to add a lamb, which for some reason didn’t occur to me until just this second. The funny thing is, this little flock of sheep is just a sideshow in a much bigger image. 
Hope you’re having a nice weekend. We hiked around most of the day looking at the new spring leaves.


Dolores said...

Oh Loreen, I love these little sheep. They are so gorgeous. Can't wait to see the finished piece.

Anonymous said...

Those sheep are just wonderful! How did you "make" them - I can't tell from the pictures if that is embroidery or ????
SOOOooo nice!


Loreen Leedy said...

Glad you like them, they have been fun to work on. Their fleece is punch needle embroidery. There's a link on the March 23rd post to a nice tutorial on Planet June about how to do it.

weefolk said...

Nice way to make sheep's fleece! I like the way you've shown the different thread color combinations on your earlier post.

Barb said...

Just wanted you to know that you have one more fan that really enjoys reading your blog!
Thank you!

Loreen Leedy said...

Thank you Barb, I really appreciate that!