Sunday, March 21, 2010

Quilting Natural Florida 2 is even better

The first version of this show in 2006 was enjoyable, but those involved really outdid themselves with the current exhibition. The bird-themed quilts almost stole the show. Above is Roseate Spoonbills by Sally Pearce Freeberg, with a detail below. 
Another stunning quilt depicting the same subject was Happy Together, by the Lovin’ Spoonbills, by Susan Slaton. She pieced the background first, then added the birds, nest and mangroves.
Here is a closer look at the wonderful chicks. We’ve seen quite a few spoonbills over the years, particularly on the Black Point Wildlife loop drive on Merritt Island, but have never glimpsed an actual chick.
Florida Flamingos (below) is by Denise Oyama Miller. Did you know that according to Audubon of Florida, there was a small breeding population of flamingos at the very southern tip of the peninsula when the first Europeans arrived? (I had not known that, just looked it up.)
The palm fronds certainly are well done, and of course the birds themselves.
There were many other subjects other than birds that quilters were moved to depict, including abstract representations of some aspect of the state such as weather. However, to complete the visual theme we have going, here is one final pink quilt:
Florida Beauty is by Martha E. Berles who found inspiration in her own back yard. I have attempted to make a quilted hibiscus in the past... that central stamen stalk is not so easy to do.
There are many non-pink quilts in the show, the majority of them, actually. In addition to birds and flowers, they include trees, butterflies, turtles, and even a fungus. To see the previous two posts about this show, click here. The exhibit is open until April 25, 2010 and is well worth seeing if you’re in the Gainesville area.


Diane J. Evans said...

Thanks for posting pictures for those of us who can't attend the show, Loreen -- makes me feel as though I was there!


Beena said...

All so yummy! Thanks for posting the pics!

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

As a lover of flamingos I thought these quilts were so exciting to see.
Thanks for posting them.