Tuesday, September 22, 2009

1st estate sale fabric top completed!

Do you remember the estate sale fabric I was fortunate enough to to find? It was already cut into medium-sized pieces and I was going to chop it up even smaller. However, since this is for a utilitarian project (a lap quilt) it seemed unnecessary. Besides, the prospect of lil ol‘ me sewing together four sets of fabric into quilts is chancy enough, so why make it that much harder? Below is a close up of some of the diverse fabrics.
Below is the whole top. While I did have to iron and straighten out the various pieces, I didn’t chop them up much at all. Because they‘re big prints, the pieces couldn’t have been much smaller anyway. If you look at the smallest pieces on the right side, they start to look a little muddled. But maybe that’s due to what’s next to them. I did put the prints with the dark brown backgrounds next to lighter pieces, mostly. Hey, whatever, this isn’t trying to be a masterpiece.
Another detail. The next step is to figure out the quilting. I’ll probably stitch in the ditch, then do large geometric shapes like zig-zags, wiggles, and in some areas follow the design.
My only complaint is that someone had the bright idea of spraying some perfumed stuff on the fabrics, which billows up when they’re ironed. Hate that stuff.

Anyway, one top done, on to the next one. By the way, I have never actually made a utilitarian quilt before, only wall hangings(!)


Beena said...

What a fun quilt! I love the polka dots (which I may have mentioned when you posted the great fabric finds). This has turned out perfect for a nice cheery lap quilt!

I have bad allergies, so the smell of perfume in itself is bad enough for me! I had never heard of the billowing effect when ironing something sprayed with perfume, though. I'd be really annoyed!

For a first utilitarian quilt, I think you did awesome!

April Pantall said...

Wow - what beautiful fabrics. I'm really into polka-dots right now - so these are just too fun!

Loreen Leedy said...

Thanks, guys! Incidentally, the top isn’t as wonky as it might look... it was pinned up hastily and crookedly to photograph. Should quilt up nice and square (she said hopefully.)

Corrie said...

Cute fabrics, I love the red and white polka dots!