Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Plein air painter extraordinaire, Larry Moore

As I mentioned on Monday, this week is devoted to a plein air painting workshop held in Highlands Hammock State Park. It’s south of Orlando near Avon Park and Sebring. Today (Wednesday) we’ll start wandering through the wilderness dragging our painting gear, water, chairs, umbrellas... I suspect we’ll be forced to pare it down pretty quick. As I write this in advance on Monday morning, it is supposed to be in the 40s Tuesday night, so we’re probably shaking in our sneakers about now.

We’re lucky to have Larry Moore as our instructor since he has had a varied artistic career, working an illustrator, teacher, and now as a fine artist and workshop leader. And as anyone who knows him can attest, he’s a heck of a nice guy. My fellow artist Joyce Shelton and I have known him for over two decades and have even bummed some plein air gear from him for the week to try out. He has a studio in McRae Art Studios in Winter Park, FL. This page displays some of his beautiful paintings, many of Florida settings. He also has led workshops in Hawaii, California, the Grand Canyon, and other wonderful locations. His web site has more artwork, ga
lleries that carry it, plus info about upcoming workshops. To keep up with his latest activities check out Larry’s blog, adventures of a migrant art worker.

I read somewhere that Highlands Hammock park occasionally has signs of Florida panthers... wouldn’t that be something to see! I’ll post some pictures from the workshop next week.

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