Friday, December 11, 2009

Recoloring a stegosaur

Here are three more versions of the Kentrosaurus from yesterday’s post. I got some very helpful feedback from my colleagues at PBAA (Picture Book Artists Association), so here goes. First I did a little tail surgery, then altered his body color only, below.
Below, his outline is a dark purple color. For some reason the background colors are brighter, too. Or are they just duller above... who’s in charge here, anyway?!?
Below the line work is a brown. It doesn’t look that different from the purple, really.
The brown/purple lines seem more integrated into the overall image, the black line stands out more... not sure which version I like, actually.


Stephen Aitken said...

I like the purple line as it resonates with the other colors but I think you could take it darker still.

Beena said...

I like the last one with the brown. Many,many times when I am drawing people and animals, I will use a deep brown instead of black because I still get the "dark line effect", but it's less jarring. And it is easier to blend and transition from into the subject. But you could use a very deep value that is the same color as your dinosaur, and get the bold/yet blended effect.

Leanne said...

I like the brown, find it warmer, and the black, which stands out more. But perhaps I'd put a shadow under the dinosaur so it feels "on" the environment rather than stuck on top? I can see how subjective this is, with Stephen preferring the purple, which I find cold! :D