Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Stitching Jenny

It’s been awhile since I last posted about Jenny but progress is being made slowly but surely. The background is mostly completed, and gold beads were added for the flower centers. I was very concerned about how to stitch her down, but after making samples decided to go for a low key approach. I used my sewing machine’s faux blanket stitch in a matching thread on the plum parts of the body, and hand stitched her hooves and belly. The ears, tail tip, and the gold part of her nose are not stitched down to create a little more dimension.
The blank green area on the left will be getting more “stuff,” so it hasn’t been quilted yet. I might add more decorative details to her, but want to see how the whole thing looks once everything is actually on. This is only about half of the total picture, the rest of it is still in pieces.

Below is a close up of her head. For some reason, her ears are my favorite part.
My hubby Andy and I are going to the World Quilt Show in West Palm Beach this weekend... should be fab!


Diane J. Evans said...

I had wondered what happened to Jenny -- she's a real favorite of mine. I love the pastoral setting you gave her! Now, is she to be a gift for someone? She's too precious to keep in the closet. Great job!


Beena said...

Jenny is looking great! I don't remember the barn being in this piece from before, but I love it in the background here. A very nice added touch.

I am envious you are going to that show! have fun, and take lots of pics to post!