Monday, May 4, 2009

Inspired by Photos free PDF book available

On the left is a detail of one of my images from Inspired by Photos. It’s a PDF you can download that has 60 copyright-free photos donated by ten fiber artists. They are Dena Crain, Claire Fenton, Martha Ginn, Loreen Leedy, Linda Matthews, Christine Predd, Kim Ritter, Louise Schiele, Emmie Seaman, and Virginia Spiegel. Click here to download it.

Since these images are copyright-free, you can crop them, change the colors, scribble on them, print them on paper of fabric... whatever suits your artistic fancy. Besides cropping the moth image, I used the Curves feature in Photoshop to play with the colors. There are several posts on my blog about digital manipulation, just look underTopics on the sidebar for Photoshop Tip.
This is the cover of the PDF book; it’s 105 pages long, and includes inspirational quotes from each artist, plus links to their web site or blog.

Here are details of two more of my photos, a tree frog hiding in a bird house, and spring flowers somewhere in Switzerland.

Each artist’s photos are quite different, so have fun browsing through them and visiting the various web sites.

And by all means have a happy and creative Monday. I’m going to work on a home made painting box for outdoor expeditions among other things, because the picture book I’ve been slaving over for months is FINISHED! (Need I say yahoo?!)

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Beena said...

Love that frog!