Saturday, February 28, 2009

Another Collaboration

Good news! Last night, one of my editors left a message on our answering machine while we were eating a nice Italian dinner out... it seems my husband Andy and I will be doing another picture book together. The topic will have to be kept under wraps for now, but this little guy will be one of the main characters:
We have a long list of ideas for joint books, glad we’re finally getting another one on the schedule. The first one we coauthored was Messages From Mars, which came out in 2006. Although Andy is a research scientist working in advanced technical mode most of the time, he has a knack for thinking of fun plots and imagining vivid scenes which is great for picture books, of course. This time he’s going to be building cool 3D stuff to photograph, then I’ll draw in the characters in Photoshop. Or at least that’s the plan!

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Diane J. Evans said...

Congratulations!! You must feel so great! Time to celebrate -- keep us posted on how the project progresses.